Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Sandland Adventures Tour in Florence, OR

Sandland Adventure Tours

This was such a fun Excursion on our trip around Oregon and Northern California. I had read the reviews on Trip Advisor and they were all glowing and frankly I should have believed when everyone said They wish they had scheduled it for a longer tour. I wasn't sure if my children were going to be thrilled or scared on it so I went for the shorter sandrail tour. They do offer a tour in a huge giant dune buggy with a lot of other people but from what I read it is quite slow compared to this one and I really wanted to experience the thrill factor. And Thrill Factor it was

Before we even got there my husband was a little disappointed because he thought I was setting up the opportunity for him to drive us around on the dune buggies but after we did this to her he admitted that this was way more fun and he would not have done 75% of the things that ride guide did.

As a mom I was a little nervous having my kids be in the front seat and not be right next to me holding on to them but they were just fine and loved it. My son asked if we can come back again next year and do this. I know there are other tours like this in other parts of the country so when we travel to places that have them I think we will definitely have to check it out. I highly recommend this.

A couple pieces of advice is to bring along magic gloves because it is a lot chillier out there on the dunes then it is in land when you are going around so fast. Also if you have something that can cover your mouth and nose do that as well. The people we did the tour with had been prepared and brought bandanas to cover their faces with. If you don't just make sure you don't open your mouth even if you are screaming in Glee. You will end up with a mouth full of sand. And you will be blowing sand out of your nose for several days. But it is all fun and worth it.

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