Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Science Museum of Minnesota

I honestly think it was 10 months since we have been to the Science Museum of Minnesota. I think we have just been busy and we went to some other science museums when we were traveling and then let our membership lapse, but now we are back and renewed our membership.

Since we had not been there in a while, there were some new things going on including a new exhibit called Sportsology, which was a lot of fun and eventually we did get around to most of the exhibits within this one. Most the exhibits within this one are stuff you actually get to do and be quite physical.

We also saw the new IMAX movie in the OMNI Theater called "A Beautiful Planet", we were at the 2pm showing and it ended up being a sold out show (they show it every hour on the hour!) It was very good and quite interesting and I learned a few things from it. We also did some experiments in the lab there. I was with my daughter and we did an experiment to learn about enzymes in our saliva that break down our food. My son went in to the lab with his dad and did his first experiment in there.

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