Monday, January 23, 2012

Become a Moms Meet Ambassador!

I have been an Ambassador for Moms Meet for a couple years now and this fall became a Moms Meet Blogger. If you are interested in trying out new natural or organic products and sharing them with your blog or playgroup, then you will want to get signed up to be an Ambassador or Blogger for Moms Meet.

Sign up to become an Ambassador HERE. The Ambassador program give you the opportunity to sample new products with you playgroup & friends. No blogging requirement for this one.

If you do have a blog, then sign up to be a Blogger HERE. You can apply to be both an Ambassador and a Blogger.

Please enter in that I referred you by using my website url: I have no idea if I get any sort of credit for referring you.

You can also follow Moms Meet on Twitter and Facebook.

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Unknown said...

this sounds like something I would be interested in I will have to check it out

40denise (dot) taylor (at) gmail (dot) com