Friday, January 27, 2012

Kids Craft: Evergreen Tree Scene

The inspiration for this project came from Frugal Family Fun Blog (have I mentioned how much I love all Valerie's ideas!).

We started out with the cupcake liners we had, which included: regular size white ones, mini white ones, and regular size winter theme ones.We then cut some in thirds and others in fourths so that we could have a variety of sizes.

Then we cut up some brown cardstock and a couple popsicle sticks to use for trucks. Our final supplies included construction paper to glue on to, glue, scissors, and snowflake candy sprinkles.

I gave my daughter the supplies and demonstrated how to make a tree with stacking the cupcake liner pieces and then she just started designing and gluing.

Here is one of the two scenes she created. She also cut out a crescent shape piece from the holiday liners to create a moon for her evening snowfall in the woods creation. I think it turned out super cute.

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