Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Tide Coldwater

As a member of SheSpeaks, I was give the opportunity to review Tide Coldwater. I was given the pictured bottle as a sample to review by P&G.

I am not normally a purchaser of Tide, other extended family members are. I wanted to give this product a try to test out it's cold water claims. I can only compare it to how it works compared to my current laundry detergent, which I generally wash 90% of our clothes in cold water all the time.

I appreciate that P&G is encouraging people to wash their clothes in cold water because by doing this you can help conserve energy and save money on your utility bill. I also looked over printing on the bottle and read that the bottle is made up of 25% recycled plastic and the product does not contain any phosphates. You can read more about P&G's sustainability efforts here.

The picture to the right is of a blanket that one of the cats puked up a hairball on (I know, gross!) I wanted to have a very visable challenge for Tide Coldwater.

The picture below is of the blanket after it has been freshly laundered with
Tide Coldwater. As you can see there is no stains or crusted on cat puke.

After washing 2 loads of laundry with Tide Coldwater, my verdict is that it cleans as well as my usual laundry detergent that I wash everything in cold.

I do appreciate that Tide is encouraging consumers to wash there clothes in cold water and thereby helping to conserve energy and save money. I also appreciate that they are using 25% recycled plastic in their bottle, every bit of plastic recycled helps. And I do appreciate that they do not use phosphates in this product. However, I am not a fan of the Tide scent. That is just my personal preference. I would much prefer if they made Tide Coldwater in a Free & Gentle version.

You should be able to find Tide Coldwater at major supermarkets and discount stores, or you can buy it online on Amazon as a 4-pack of bottles (there is also a $2 coupon there too!)

I was gifted with a bottle of Tide Coldwater in order to review the product by P&G (Tide) and SheSpeaks. Tide has provided me with the opportunity ti freely express my own opinions on the product. 

Updated 2/7/11 I have since received a gift card for completing this review. All opinions and thoughts within this review were my own and were not influenced by the P&G or SheSpeaks.


Anonymous said...

Sence I started useing coupons I've been trying different products and brands. I have always used Tide due to my son's allergic reactions to dye's and fragrances found in most cleaning and laundry supplies. I recently purchased the Tide Coldwater. The smell and cleaner feeling of the clothes I now longer need to use fabric softner. Just the dry sheets or bar.

Alison Shaffer said...

yay for clean clothes. I like tide coldwater, and will be using it! I have seen the coupons and use them too!

Unknown said...

Nice post, I have always liked Tide and really was impressed with Tide Coldwater.