Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: Pambra's Bra Liner

I had the opportunity to review Pambra's The Original Bra Liner. I was sent a package of three bra liners (two are folded in the picture).

The bra liner absorbs perspiration, thus extending the life of your bra and keeping wetness from penetrating your bra and clothes. It also helps keep your skin drier which enables it to help prevent chaffing and irritation.

The product is MADE IN THE USA!

It is available in 5 different sizes. They also make tummy liners, liners for mastectomy patients and  washable nursing pads (would have been handy to review those when I was still nursing a child!)

I have tried out the liners and I can say that I didn't notice they were there. They were comfortable to wear. I recently cracked a rib, right where the underwire of my bra presses. This cracked rib made it uncomfortable to wear those bras, but when I used the line it kept the underwire from pressing hard against my ribc age and made them more comfortable to wear. It was a lucky coincidence that these were sent to me to review at this time, but I am thankful for that coincidence.

One of the things I love on their website is they tell you exactly how to measure yourself for a bra!

You can find information about Pambra's on:
Their Website
You Tube

You can view one of the You Tube Videos here:

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