Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Create Photo Classroom Valentine Cards with Tiny Prints

Valentine Cards are such a fun thing for kids to exchange in the classroom. I am in love with these Valentine Cards for Kids.  With 235 choices, I am not sure my daughter will have an easy time picking out the cards she would like to share. Since we did not buy school photos (I didn't want to buy something that I could not see when we had a photographer doing pictures near the same time), she did not have anything to pass out to her friends.

I like the idea of using the one to the right to showcase my daughter's pretty face and missing two bottom teeth!

Although, I have to admit that I think the flower with heart petals and little ladybug and picture in the center is absolutely adorable!

I can also show off the little window in her mouth in the flower picture too. You just have to treasure these moments.

It is really going to be hard to choose one. I prefer the ones where I can put in a picture, I think it really adds a personal touch, but they do have many options that you do not need to all a picture for.

I did not forget about my son, even though he is not in school. He may be young, but he does have friends to share valentines with.

What I love most about this one for him is the truck on it. My son is such a little boy and is all about trucks, trains & balls. I think the little heart on the dump truck is so sweet.

So, my next obvious choice for valentine's from my son would be one with a train on them. And who wouldn't want a train filled with lollipops and a cupcake. Yum!

They also have a huge variety of Valentines Day Greeting Cards for adults (or anyone really!)

Thanks to Tiny Prints for giving me the opportunity to try out these valentine cards. They are gifting me with some free cards in exchange for writing this blog post. All of the written content here is my own.

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