Friday, March 23, 2012

Fix-It Friday - Repairing Wooden Screw Holes

Do you have a screw that won't stay in it's hole in the wood? Has the wood been stripped away?

Remove the Screw from the wooden area where the screw has stripped away the wood.

This is the after picture, but the center where there is the white  circle is the filled in hole. So, how do you fill in the hole, you ask. Just take a toothpick, dip the end in wood glue, stick glued end in the hole and break it off so that it is close to flush with the wood. 

Then immediately screw your screw back in the "hole", no need to  let it dry. Be sure to use regular wood glue (not  Gorilla glue that I used last week, because that will expand.)

By using this technique we fixed the latches on 3 cabinets that have come loose and a doorknob. I love that it was a minimal amount of work (even more minimal for me since my husband did most of this) with supplies we already had in the house.


Marthalynn said...

This was so helpful! I have a hinge on a cabinet door that my son has leaned on too much causing it to do this. I didn't know I could fix it! Nice to know...

Jennifer said...

We have a door that is totally off its hinges (a very important door :-)) and we will have to try this. It will be nice to have my privacy again!