Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Dollar Friday - Slackling Class

I thought I would try a new Friday segment occasionally like I had seen on Inner Child Fun in the past. Fridays have been kind of my days that I post about Pottery Crafts or My Pinterest Inspirations or some kind of 4-part series. Friday is my catchall day to cover stuff that might not fall under another heading or I just don't want to schedule it out so far.

The idea behind $5 Friday is that we do something that costs five dollars or less. It could be an event or a project or whatever. It is to help give you ideas on things you can do that cost little money. I will probably save more of the "Free" ideas for my Thrifty Thursday posts.

I decided to try out Slackling and as a member of the River Bend Nature Center I was able to take the class for $5, be sure to check places where you are members and area nature center to see if they offer affordable classes.

We started out on a 2" slackline that was about a foot off the ground and I wasn't sure if I could do more than that, but I did manage to walk by myself (not holding anyone's hand) across the 1" slackline that was about 3-4 feet off the ground not just once, but twice. I was feeling pretty good about that accomplishment. There was another 2" slackline about 3-4 feet off the ground but the length was twice as long and the longer a slackline the more it will jiggle towards the center, so that one I only got about 1/3 the way before jumping off. I will have to see if we can fit it in our schedule to take another one of the slacklining classes this summer.  There is still 3 more of slacklining classes scheduled this summer at River Bend Nature Center.

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