Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Try It Tuesday - DIY Camp Lantern

We made these at Camp MOM (you gotta be getting curious about Camp MOM and I promise I will tell you more about it soon!) This project was something that the other mom, Becky, came up with us to do.

We re-purposed some jars and covered them in stickers and tape (the foam kind you can get at the dollar store or craft supply stores) in a pattern we liked. Then we spray painted frosted paint (do this step outdoors!) over the entire piece, including stickers. When it was dry we peeled off the stickers and the print was left.

Next we twisted craft wire around the top to create something for our wire handle to be held on to the jar with. Twist together enough craft wire to keep to keep it from bending too much and twist the ends through the wire around the top of the jar and twist in to place. Use scrap fabric to decorate. Insert a battery operated tea light or a regular tea light to provide illumination.


Jennifer said...

What a neat idea and a great way to repurpose! How long did it take the frost to dry? Did you have any problems getting the stickers off after the frost was on (I'd just be afraid that it would act as a seal and I'd end up tearing the stickers)? Yours turned out beautifully. I can't wait to hear more about Camp MOM!

Denise C said...

Repurposing is great, and mine would definitely need to have hearts on it!

Lindsey said...

Seriously love this idea! My daughter would love helping to do it too!