Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Try It Tuesday: Cardinal Bird Hand Print Craft

Well, a thunderstorm cancelled my son's nature camp this morning, so a project and some stories were in order to help fill his morning. I decided we would make this Cardinal Bird Hand print  craft.

Supplies needed: white paper, red and green washable paint, glue, brown paper bag, googly eyes & orange construction paper (or you could paint or color in a beak instead.)

Start by having your child re-purpose a brown paper bag by tearing it up in to small pieces that will be glued on to make the nest. Next help them paint their hands and have them place them on the paper.

Glue the brown paper pieces in the shape of a next underneath the birds. Glue on small triangle pieces of orange construction paper for a beak and glue on googly eyes.

Using a paint brush have the child paint the space above green for a tree.

Allow to dry and show off their creations! My son decided he wanted to make lots of birds, so he made one with 2 birds in a nest and another with 1 bird in a nest and 3 birds flying away.

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