Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Starbucks Freebies Of the Week

Did you know that you can get free downloads of songs, apps, books and perhaps other things I am not aware of from Starbucks? You do have to visit a Starbucks store to get them, but they are just sitting out for you to take them. There is a new freebie every week and if your nearest store is anything like mine, they leave them out until they are gone. So, when I went to Starbucks yesterday (well, yesterday when I wrote this post, not when it was published) I picked up these four. There is a code on the back of each to get your free download and they each have an expiration date that is about 2 months out. In November & December, plan ahead when you are making trips near a Starbucks and you could pick up some free stocking stuffers. :)


Tisha Berg said...

Yes, those download cards are great! Yet another good reason to stop in for a cup of coffee :-)

Sarah said...

I had totally forgotten about this, so cool! Thanks for posting!

Melanie S said...

I never go to Starbucks, but now maybe I'll have to pop in and take a look :)