Friday, August 16, 2013

Fitness Friday

For the longest time now I have wanted to come up with a Friday theme that I could share on a consistent basis, and finally in a half slumber the idea came to me -- Fitness Friday. A day where I post about exercise I have done that week, or an upcoming race or fitness activity.

I am so excited to be sharing this with you now! Unless you are a reader that knows me personally, as in I real-life, you may think I spend all my time crafting and cooking and reviewing products, well, when I am not taking my family on field trips. And yes, while all that is true about me, you also don't know that I exercise daily (well, there is usually a day of rest, but is it really rest if I am swimming or hiking with my family?)

I love to exercise! It is a big part of who I am and that is why I am so excited to start sharing it with you. Maybe inspire some of you to try something new or even start exercising.

I am not a race-a-holic, so this isn't going to be weekly posts about races. I am a runner, but I love to cross train and I think exercise is fun! I LOVE to have friends workout with me. It is both a physical and social outlet for me and I am quite the social creature. Yeah!


Unknown said...

Good luck on your fitness goals

Denise C said...

I don't do much running these days, but I do exercise almost every day of the week. It's the one thing I always make time to do!

Suzi Satterfield said...

I seriously miss working out. I've been getting the yen to start doing Turbo Jam or Turbo Fire again. I just need to figure out where to fit it in my day!