Monday, November 30, 2015

#ad Review: #ValuePack1000buildingblocks 1000 Piece Building Bricks Compatible with Lego

My Thoughts:
I was excited to get this 1000 Pc Click'n'Play Building Block Set for my son. He likes to build his own thing most often and we have some name brand building blocks at home at home, and he really wanted to have some at the cabin too but we all know how expensive the name brand ones can be so these worked perfectly. We tried them with some 10x10 building sheets that are Lego brand and they adhere too them nicely and are indeed compatible. These block don't stick as tightly together as the Lego kind, which means you need to build them on a flat surface, but on the positive side - they come apart so much easier. I know sometimes I struggles with pulling apart the really thin lego blocks and I don't struggle with these. Now I need to look for some little guys to go with this set and some wheels that attach as well. These are the basic kind of blocks and are mainly square and rectangle with different thicknesses and widths, but there is some slanted blocks as well.

Product Description from Skas Marketing

1000 piece Big Bag of assorted building bricks in various colors and sizes guaranteed to fit tight and compatible with Lego and other major building blocks manufacturers. Let your children be occupied for hour constructing to their imagination. Don't waste your money anymore on expensive building bricks when you can get the same for less. 1000 piece value pack of building bricks with assorted 10 colors and 14 different shaped pieces. Compatible with Lego and other major building block manufacturers. Building blocks are guaranteed to fit tight together. Keeps your children occupied for hours on end building to their imagination. These bricks are not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Lego, a registered trademark of Lego Systems.

Disclosure - I received these at a deep discount for the purpose of reviewing them. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own.

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