Monday, November 30, 2015

#ad Review: Voice-activated led Laser Stage lighting

My Thoughts:
The red and green colors in this laser stage show is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. I have included 3 pictures here that show the laser show with 3 different ways the lights work. My kids thought this was pretty awesome to set up a dance party in the living room. A couple of warnings on the product say to not use it continuously for over 2 hours, which I don't know that we would have a problem with but wanted to mention in case someone was buying this and wanted it to run longer. Also, it has a warning to not shine the light in anyone's eyes. People should know that, but I am saying it in case people aren't thinking about that. You need to plan to have this in a location so it is not in direct eye line of people and are project it on to something. I looks really cool projected up at the ceiling or at a wall. You can project it on to a wall on the opposite side of the room and them people can dance with the lights going over them.

My kids also really thought it was neat that this was voice activated. It is a feature you can turn on, or you can just have it playing continuously. If you turn on the voice activation feature it will move the lights per your settings to the beats it hears, so you could play music in the background and it will flash in beat to the music or voices or hands clapping.

Product Description from JS Lighting:

Suitable for disco, ballroom, KTV, bar, stage, club, party etc. No UV rays, environment friendly Long working life, excellent stability.
Small and exquisite appearance.
Fully adjustable motion speed Animated moving red and green star, fully adjustable motion speed. Package Includes:1pcs*led stage light

Disclosure - I received these at a deep discount for the purpose of reviewing them. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own.

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