Monday, November 2, 2015

Turkey Wild Rice Soup

Are you thinking ahead and looking for ideas on how to use your leftover turkey from Thanksgiving?

Just pick up a bag of Shore Lunch Creamy Wild Rice Soup from your grocery store and make according to the instructions (it cooks up in about 20 minutes and only needs water!) and add about 1 Cup of chopped turkey to the mix. That's it.

I have bought this soup several times and sometimes I had leftover chicken. I usually have one of these (or another my this company) in the pantry in case I do have leftover meat I want to add to it. This is NOT a sponsored post or anything, I just think they make a mix that gives you a fresh tasting soup that is of restaurant quality. Try it for yourself.

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Guess I decided not to do a round up in 2014, well, I might have to re-think that for 2015.

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