Friday, May 25, 2012

Fix-It Friday: Updating Paint/Stain on Planters

 I finally got sick of looking at this fading wishing well (which my parents made us for our wedding as the cardholder - instead of the pot there was a cardboard slot to place cards in - that would serve as a planter afterwards), I decided it was time to apply a new coat of stain to that the color would liven up this flower bed (now to pull all the weeds from it so that it looks nicer.) It really becomes a focal point and it much prettier to look at with a new coat of exterior stain. It's easy enough to do, I just needed to notice it needed attention.
 I wish I would have thought about this blog post before I took these planter boxes down. These were something my parents made me as a gift (birthday, maybe? I can't remember). I had given them a new coat of exterior black paint a few years ago, but now they not only needed new paint but also to be put back together.

They used nails to assemble them and after many years (we're talking around 10 years now) the wood was pulling off from the nails. All I did was remove the entire planter boxes, hammered them back in to place and secured them with a couple screws on each of the side of the back & front.

If you are trying to figure out how they made the planter box, they made an insert with 3 circles cutouts for 4" pots. We did this so that we wouldn't have a rotting wooden planter box, although over the years I realized with such small pots, that they needed to be water every other day and I would often forget which would leave the plants to dry out & die. So, I put artificial flowers in here because I do want that pop of color but I don't want the maintenance.
So, here you can see the planter boxes put back in to place over one of our flower beds.

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Tru said...

I'm glad to see these things are still useful; albeit with a little fixing up.