Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration - Part 2

If you recall, I previously shared  a project I made for my daughter that was inspired from a Pinterest post, so now I wanted to share some more inspirations from Pinterest.

This first project came from Hands On As We Grow, which is filled with a ton of ideas of things to do with all kinds of blocks. so, I thought I would start with this one and made my son a set of 8 cards to copy the pattern.

This was a lot of fun for him and he couldn't wait to finish one and get started on the next one.
My son had a great time making his own dinosaur that is from Homeschool Creations. I cut out all the parts and told him what part of the dinosaur they were part of and put a dot of glue on each piece and he applied them.

I think he did a pretty good job of getting them in the relatively right location.
He thought that they dinosaur needed a nose so I needed to cut one of those for him and he thought a couple of the plates should be spikes at the end of the tail and he put those there instead.

I did this birthday card for my son's friend, who love Yo Gabba Gabba and made it using the Tombow Adhesive Tape that I reviewed.

The link on Pinterest to this creation goes to just an image.

This is one of the many gifts we gave to her teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. We printed off "Thanks A Latte For All You Do" posters and she wrote her name on them and decorated them with stickers and used double stick tape to adhere the gift card in it's holder.

And finally -- This a a sheet she filled out on questions about Daddy that is called "Meet My Daddy". It will be a part of her Father's Day present to him.

And what I loved was that my little (almost 6-year old) girl could show off all her reading skills and read all the questions out loud to me.

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