Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thinking About Buying a Pool?

 Before you buy an above-ground pool, please go read my guest post on Northern Cheapskate, "Things To Consider Before Purchasing an Outdoor Pool" and read through my list of

* Environmental Considerations

* Financial Considerations

* Other Considerations

Then decide if a pool is the best financial and environmentally responsible decision for your family. There is too many factors to consider before you say a home above-ground pool is better than a community pool or the beach or vice versa.

And what is best for your family, may not be what is best for another family.


DC said...

Okay, you have officially convinced me that we will never have a pool! :)

I already knew that as much as I would love to have one, it will probably never fit into our budget, but to see all the concerns laid out like that really drives home how wasteful the whole thing can be.

Jessica said...

Since we live just blocks from a community pool, I think it is so much better to get a membership there and not use up addiotional financial & environmental resources. But if someone lives in the country (spending time & money to drive in & adding to consumption of gas) or works during scheduled pool hours, it may be better to have your own pool