Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Try-It Tuesday: Dinosaur/Monster Feet from Shoe Boxes

Make These Fun Monster Feet
(for your little monster)

All you need is:
2 boxes
duct tape
glue & water
4 pieces of tissue paper
acrylic paint

First thing I did was get 2 boxes that were the same size. Next I taped the lids on, cut holes in the top to insert feet in to, and then made "claws" and taped them to the box.

I made the claws by folding the duct tape in a triangle. Please check out this little video tutorial on how I made them.

 I covered a section of my table with some plastic wrap just so I don't have to worry about glue or paint making a mess.

My glue mixture is 50:50 water & glue. 2 Tablespoons of each. And I used 4 sheets of white tissue paper that I tore up. I applied the glue with my hands and decoupaged the tissue paper over the entire foot (except the bottom). I used 2 layers of tissue paper.

If you have colored tissue paper, you could skip the step of painting and just leave it as is when it is dried. Although, I would add one extra layer of the glue/water mixture after it has dried.

 Here is how they look after I finished decoupaging 2 layers of tissues paper on each. Decoupaging the layers is necessary to give it an outside layer than pain will stick too.
 Once it is dry, the glue will dry clear and it will be the color of the tissue paper. If you did not use color tissue paper or if the color of your boxes still comes through, you will want to paint it.

I like to paint with acrylic paint because it covers well with one coat and you can easily buy a small bottle for under $1. If you are letting your kids paint, don't worry about the mess. Just make sure you have covered your table (hence the plastic wrap) and dress them in play clothes and/or a smock. And if they do spill, it will clean up very easily with water when it is still wet.

And then let dry.

Begin play!

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Julie said...

Cute Idea Jessica! thanks for another fun project!