Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: Snapatoonies Educational DVDs

Snapatoonies is an award winning, highly interactive and fun toddler TV show that entertains while it educates kids.

Their videos have already received a couple awards:
  • Dr Toys Best Picks Award 2011
  • Kids First Endorsement Award 2011
Here is a short video clip of my children  (ages 2 1/2 and 6) watching the video "Abby Apple and her Fruit Friends" (which is episode 3) and responding to the questions and requests to engage in the video. You can also watch clips of the first 8 episodes HERE!

They enjoyed the video. It is filled with brought colors and animated fruits. It helps teach them the names of fruits and identify colors and shapes and encourages children to eat fruits and have good health. The catchy singing characters are entertaining to children.

I loved that they had a good mix of cartoon fruit as well as showing actual children eating actual fruit. Children are such little modelers that seeing other children eating something is very encouraging to them. My kids really enjoyed being asked questions and being able to shout out the answers.

Snapatoonies is available for sale on Amazon: Snapatoonies 4 Set Library Starter: Episodes 1 - 4

"Each show is a different story, and every show is packed with more fun and adventures with a new character/host and new and exciting things to learn. The Snapatoonies kids on the train are always encouraging your little ones to shout out the answers and keep interacting with the show. Kids love it, parents adore it. Go take a look at all of the DVDs and find the one you want to watch first."

You can also fine Snapatoonies on Facebook.

 I received this copy of Snapatoonies for the purpose of being able to review it on my blog. All thoughts, opinions, photos and videos in this post are my own. 
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contestmama2012 said...

Sounds like a neat Tv show!!

Tracy said...

Such an important topic for little ones. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
Tracy Awalt Juliano

Anonymous said...

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