Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Try-It Tuesday: Folded Petal Flowers

 Today I will try out doing a video tutorial on how to make Folded Flowers for pins, headbands or embellishment or whatever idea you can come up with to use them for.

I need to give credit on teaching me how to make them to a couple moms in my MOPS group. We spent part of a meeting working on a service project making flowers like these that will be sold for a fundraiser to go towards an organization that helps stop human trafficking.

The top flower is one that I made & referenced in the video that I stitched the petals together and stitched it on to the fabric of the Easter skirt I made my daughter.

This flower to the right is one that I made my mom and made one very similar to it in the video for my mother-in-law (she won't have received it at the time of this post.)

I also made another one with the pink fabric (the camera doesn't pick up the sparkly silver thread running through it - but it really pops in person!) with a different button for my daughter's teacher for teacher appreciation week (that's this week!)

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Cary said...

My grandmother used to make these. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :)