Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Try-It Tuesday: Make Homemade Chalk

The chalk may look small in this picture, but these are the size of toilet paper tubes.

You need 3 ingredients to make chalk (2 if you just want white): Plaster of Paris, Water, and Food Coloring.

This 25 pound box of Plaster of Paris cost me a little over $10 from Lowe's, whereas they were selling a 4 pound box for almost $7. If you figure it takes 3/4 C to make one stick of toilet paper tube sized chalk, then 25 pounds is overkill. But we use Plaster of Paris for a variety of other projects and I was thinking I would maybe have a chalk making playdate this summer.

Who wants to come to our chalk making playdate?

I just used old whipped topping containers & plastic spoons to do my mixing in (could be tossed if it hardens & you can't clean, but it will clean easily if you clean while it's wet.)

The I lined the toilet paper tunes with a piece of wax paper that is about 6"x6" and tape the bottom with duct tape.

The great thing about re-purposing these items that would have gone to the trash or recycling is that if they do get ruined in the process I am not out any money I would have spent on buying supplies, plus it adds no additional cost to this project.

Mixing it is simple enough, it's 2 PARTS Plaster of Paris to 1 PART Water and add enough food coloring to get your desired color. If you add a lot of food coloring you may need to add a bit for plaster of paris since the food coloring in a liquid and will thin it.

I found that it takes about 3/4 C Plaster of Paris to make fill one tube. Since I was making 2 of each color, the math was easier. 1 1/2 C of plaster of paris and 3/4 C of water to make to tubes.

As you can see the green ones are smaller, I tried making these with only 1/2 C each, which was not quite enough. I used 3/4 C  each in the yellow chalk.

I think I may do this again with my kids and let my daughter experiment with mixing colors, that is always something she find fun.

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Renee said...

Great idea! I'm not sure I will make the chalk, since my daughter has accumulated tons of chalk already this summer, but I will certainly try the chalk paint recipe. Thanks for the ideas!