Monday, August 27, 2012

Make It Monday: Easy Refrigerator Pickles

These refrigerator pickles are super simple to make! All you need is cucumbers & you choice of vinegar(s) and any optional spices, chilies or garlic that you want to add. And they are ready to eat in 24 hours. And what's even more fantastic is that when you eat the pickles, you can just keep adding more cucumbers to your brine and make more pickles. Just add more vinegar if it is getting low and you have non-stop pickles!

Easy Refrigerator Pickles

Simply slice cucumbers in rounds or spears and put into to a dish. Add in the optional herbs/seasonings/chilies/garlic. Pour vinegar over everything until it is submerged. Cover & refrigerate for 24 hours. The tanginess will increase the longer they are in the brine. Add fresh cucumbers when there is room and additional vinegar to make sure it is covered each time.

* I seasoned mine with dill fronds (from my garden) and garlic because they are the most appealing to my family over time.

** Since I have a variety of vinegars, I chose to make a blend of white, red, balsamic & rice wine vinegars for half of the container and fill ed the other half with plain white vinegar. I wanted to add some extra flavors that those other vinegars offer.

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