Friday, August 31, 2012

Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls by Playmates Toys

I was very fortunate to be picked by MommyParties to host a gathering with my 6 year old daughter and a bunch of her playmates and tell them about the Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls by Playmates Toys. As the host, I was gifted with a doll to review (note: disclaimer) and received a doll to giveaway at out gathering and bracelets/doll passports/discount codes to give away to all the girls. And I have a discount code to share with my readers below!!!

This is my daughter and the doll she picked of the two we received in the package, Consuelo. She had such a hard time choosing between this doll and the one we eventually gave away, whose name is Dell. Consuelo is from Mexico and Dell is from the U.S. This line of dolls also includes Najhi from India, Lilian from Belarus, Tipi from Laos, Rahel from Ethiopia. Zelia from Brazil, and Lauryce from New Orleans. Each doll also comes with a bracelet and it's own mini storybook about her life.

I thought the doll was very well constructed and with flexible joints that move fluidly, what I mean by that is that they are not stiff which makes it easier to change their clothes. My daughter really loves her doll. She had a hard time deciding between the two and it took her nearly a half a day to decide. She has really enjoyed playing with her doll and I am considering purchasing one now to give her as a Christmas present (I do plan out my presents early). When we found out we were getting the opportunity to have this party she was really hoping to get Lauryce since she looks most like her. 

 What if you could change the world just by buying a doll? You can, with Hearts For Hearts Girlsdolls!

Hearts For Hearts Girls is a charitable doll line and fashion collection from Playmates Toys that seeks to empower girls to become agents of change in their communities, their countries and around the world. The line features eight dolls inspired by real girls from real places all over the world. Each authentically dressed and lifelike doll has her own story to share and is working to change her community in ways unique to her home country. You can learn more about Hearts For Hearts Girls by visiting

There are so many positive messages related to Hearts For Hearts Girls, helping to unite girls internationally through the dolls and to learn about the lives of girls in other nations. Most importantly, it teaches young girls about the concept of giving back. A portion of each doll sale is donated to a non-profit organization that helps children from that doll's country. Playmates Toys is working with non-profit partner World Vision to make this possible. 

 I introduced the dolls to my daughter's playgroup at our annual Fire Safety orientation and tour where we had a total of 43 parents and children present. I knew this was the best opportunity to share this wonderful product because we always have such a nice showing of families. I only wish I had 16 (since that is how many girls were there) dolls to give to everyone as so many were so excited at the chance to win her. I did let everyone know about the discount code to purchase them online and handed out postcards. I also let them know that I have seen them for sale at our local Target (which my daughter was very excited to see her doll there.) There is also additional clothes that can be bought for these dolls on the Playmates Toys website.

Pictured here is the winner the Heart for Hearts Girls Doll named Dell. If you would like to purchase your own doll for a special girl in your life (or maybe you are thinking ahead for the upcoming holiday season as a Toys for Tots donation, then it's like a double donation) I have a special code for $5 off: H4HAUG12 Just enter this code at: Hearts for Hearts Girls

Remember, that every HFHG doll purchased results in a donation for needy girls in other countries. Thanks for helping change the world one heart at a time!

Just another couple glimpses at our annual fire safety orientation and tour. One of the highlights of this gathering is that the kids each get to take turns turning on/off the fire hose. They also got to site inside & outside of the fire trucks. Below is a picture of my two kids.

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