Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Invest in Thermal Shades

Does it seem thrifty for me to tell you to invest in thermal shades in order to save money, but sometimes you do have to spend money to save money (& make money too :) )

But the great thing about thermal shades is that is provides an additional barrier (a thermal one) between your the elements outside and the inside of your home.

In the summer, the heat that can be transferred to your home through a window can be substantial. And then you are left with a heating out in the summer, which will cost additional money to cool. But in the winter the coldness can transfer through your windows, thus causing you to invest more money in heating.

This particular window is on the south side of our home, which receives the most sunlight, so it remains closed all summer. I sometimes do open these shades during spring & fall, but because it is across from our TV, it usually remains closed so that we don't have a glare.

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