Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Try It Tuesday: Make a Standing Skateboard Swing

We wanted something different that just another swing (which we already have one of) on the kids new clubhouse. WAIT! You are wondering  "What clubhouse?" Then you need to read my latest post on Northern Cheapskate titled "Getting It Done: Build A Clubhouse" and read about the awesome clubhouse that my husband built for our kids.

Anyways, I saw a Stand-n-Swing accessory, but I didn't want to spend another $30 plus shipping & handling for another accessory. Frankly, the clubhouse went out of our intended budget & I didn't want to make it go out further.
Then along comes a skateboard in a free box. Actually, it was just the board as someone probably swapped out this board for a newer one, but all we needed was the board and a trip to Fleet Farm to buy some thick rope (just one length) and some U-bolts.

We actually thought it would be safer to thread the rope through 2 holes we drilled in the 2x4 rather than having individual attachments & 2 separate pieces of rope. And then 4 holes (2 on each side were) drilled in the skateboard and the rope was thread thru them and a U-bolt tightened in to place to secure the rope closed.)

I say it was a simple project basically because I only had to try it out when it was done. It is only a couple inches off the ground, but you can swing your legs up pretty high. It has been a big hit with our kids, their friends and the neighborhood kids.


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