Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Try It Tuesday: Create an Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt

Remember my list of 100 Things To Do This Summer? Well, this is one of them. We did this last year and she had a ton of fun. It was  one of those times when my daughter was complaining of extreme boredom and we couldn't leave the house when her brother was napping, so I thought I would let her run around the yard with my camera and a little bit of guidance at what pictures to take and see what she came up with.

I didn't list anything too specific because I wanted to see where her creativity lead her. I found that a list of 25 things can keep her busy for a little while. What I love about this activity is that she is so excited to show me what she came up with. Sometimes it is just a hoot!

Below is the full size version that will be easier to print off. It should be a larger size (than the one above) when you click on the image.

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