Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Check out the Beach

Heading to the beach can be an economical choice, if you do a little research beforehand. If this is a beach you have not been to before, look it up online or call the parks & recreation department of the city (or it may be a county beach too) it is in and ask if there is an admission fee or a parking fee.

I have been recommended some beaches that looked really amazing (lots of amenities & extra playground stuff) from the pictures online, but came with a price tag. We have a community pool membership, so we don't go to the beach too often. And when we do go to the beach we make it an event and go with friends and combine it with any other "trips" we need to make to that area.

Also, check out my thoughts on Things to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Pool.

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