Friday, October 24, 2014

Athleta Unleash the SHE 10k Run

 A couple weeks ago I ran the Athleta Unleash the She 10K with a good friend of mine. Even though I had done a couple of half marathons last year, I had not done another 10K since I first started running 3 1/2 years ago; it's been almost 3 years since my last 10K, well, at least an official 10K race. Sure I have run a 10K distance several times (although not really much in the last year either since I had IT band issues.)

Anyways, earlier this year I told you about the Wild Irish Run that I did with her and was with her as she completed her first 5K. Well, this run was another running milestone for her and she completed her first official 10K race. I am so proud of her! And so happy I can be along with her for this journey. Next up for us will be a new milestone for both of us as we complete our first Indoor Triathalon.

I have to admit I am quite nervous about it and needed someone to be nervous with me to get signed up or I would keep putting it off. This Indoor Triathalon will be on November 2nd, so soon! We signed up the night after finished the 10K, still coming off from that runner's high and feeling good about stuff. I just need to get this first triathalon out of the way and see what I think so that I am more comfortable doing more of them.

The top picture is when we had just finished the race and were still smiling. :) So happy that my friend gets me and understands I have a need for race selfies. Ha!

Anyways, I wanted to say a bit about this race and the course. I hand picked this race for us because I wanted my friend to have an awesome 10K race experience. For us, it was a little bit of a drive to get to it, but that is really the only thing that wasn't ideal. I can't control the weather but we ended up with wonderful running weather in the mid-upper 40s with full sun. I picked this race because the 10K and 5K were limited at a total of 2500 entrants. I didn't want an overwhelmingly large race for her. Plus, when I looked it up, it looked like a flat course and it was! Flat and mostly paved trails. Oh, I also need to mention I picked it because it was an all women race. I had never done an all women race before, but I know sometimes it can be intimidating running next to men as well. Also, this race gives $5 of every race entry directly to MOCA (Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Association).

So, if you are looking for a really nice 10K race next fall, check out the Athleta Unleash the SHE 10 and 5K in Blaine. The race is also complected in Rochester on April 26th next year (not sure what the course is like), as well as in Ann Arbor, MI.


Coupons and Friends said...

that's so awesome. Congrats to your first 10k in 3 years that's a great accomplishment I wish I could be a runner but its just not in my genes

Mom of Two said...

I guess I didn't mention that I ran 2 half marathon races last year, plus run quite a few 5ks every year.

Unknown said...

Wow!! Good job!! thats a lot of running!

Yona Williams said...

I would love to participate in a run one of these days...nothing like what you do...maybe start off with a 5K...I would love taking race selfies and collecting race bibs.

Unknown said...

Damn thats allot of running!! i would like to do a 5k to start..