Friday, October 31, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Drink Ideas with Old Orchard Drink Mixers #ad

Are you having a Halloween Party this weekend? Did you remember fun and creative beverage ideas? If not, you can quickly run out to Wal-Mart and buy a couple of Old Orchard Mixers. They were $1.99 a piece. We sampled both the Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri flavors, but there is also Pina Colada available as well (just not at the store I was at). I was given free coupons (note: disclosure) to purchase these items in order to have a sampling and review them and have an early Halloween party.

 Vampire Slush
(aka Strawberry Daiquiri)

1 Can of Old Orchard Mixers Strawberry Daiquiri Frozen Concentrate
1 Can of Water
3 Cup of Ice Cubes

Directions: Blend in a blender until Smooth, if alcohol is desired then add a 1/2 Can of Rum instead of the water.
 Witch's Brew Drink
(aka Margarita on the Rocks)

1 Can of Old Orchard Mixers Margarita Frozen Concentrate
2 1/2 Cans of Water
Ice Cubes to Serve

Directions: Mix concentrate and water together. If alcohol is desired, mix in 1/2 can of tequila in place of 1/2 can of water. Use ice cubes when serving "on the rocks".

I used this neat ice cube tray with skulls and cross bones for a fun Halloween accent.

Since we were sampling them with kids, we chose to do them all without alcohol, but the cans says you can add a 1/2 can of alcohol to the mix. The "on the rocks" recipe was what I figured out how to make it that way by tasting it as I added water. The recipe on the can is for it to be blended, but I really wanted to use these fun ice cubes and have something not frozen.

These were super easy to make drinks with and everyone wanted more. The can says that it serves 6, but I thought it would be more like 4 drinks. Although, they were very flavorful so I think if you added another can of water and another cup of ice cubes to the daiquiri you could make that in to 6 drinks, or maybe it is just that I had big glasses. LOL! The margarita with the directions as I wrote them did serve 6.

Also, I wanted to know that the can are recyclable, so you have not extra trash.

While I was looking at the Old Orchard website, I did see they have Iced Coffee frozen concentrates that I think I am going to for sure have to look for and try too!

But before you head out to buy your Old Orchard Mixers! don't forget to print off a coupon!!!! They currently have a $1 off 4 frozen concentrate mixes that you can use. 


ReviewsSheRote said...

I love the ice cubes...great virgin drink-not all of us like to get totally hammered -someone has to drive ;)

lloyd said...

I love the creative ideas when it comes to halloween. Thanks for sharing this stuffs

Uplifting Families said...

I could go for a magarita. These mixes make it seem so easy to make. I also love the cute ice cube tray.

Unknown said...

A dollar off anything is handy! I love old orchard and the witches brew!!!!

Rebecca Swenor said...

These drinks sound amazing and I love your ice cube tray. Thanks for sharing.

Fathima Syed Ali said...

The ice-cube tray looks very different and suitable one for halloween party. I would prefer Strawberry Daiquiri flavors. Awesome share.