Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Old Fashioned Tire Swing

When we bought our cabin, the one thing my son asked for was if we could have a tire swing there. Considering there was no "playground" type stuff there for the kids, we wanted to have some things to help entertain them outside in addition to exploring nature. 

We asked a local tire shop if we could get a used tire from them and then we got some old leftover boat rope and bought a small U-Bolt (98-cents at Lowe's) to help secure the tied rope. You could go without the bolt, but my husband wanted to make sure it didn't come loose or untied.

I remember having a tire swing growing up and how much fun we had on it. I am glad my kids can those same memories, complete with an awesome tree it is tied in to that is also a good climbing tree (our tire swing tree when I was a kid was also good for climbing too!)

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Helga said...

There are a lot of those around here. I live in the country. Always a winner.