Monday, December 29, 2014

Easy Homemade Hot Cocoa

Easy Homemade Hot Cocoa
1 C milk (whole works best)
1 T cocoa powder
1 T sugar
Pour milk in Mira Electric Milk Frother Machine
Add remaining ingredients and press button once.
The machine automatically turns off when finished.
This will make a nice warm frothy beverage. It is not too hot.
If you want to make it on the stovetop, just whisk ingredients as it cooks over medium-high heat. You will need to continually whisk to keep from scorching the bottom.
If you like the idea of walking away while it warms and froths, then I suggest getting the Mira Electric Milk Frother.

If you want this to be HOT, then pre-cook the milk in the microwave and add to the machine to just froth it. It can be used for just frothing.

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Jamie Tomkins said...

What a neat way to make it. Going to have to check out that device and get one for our family!! Thanks for the info!

Cali Julz said...

How yum, I never knew you could make your own!! FAB!

Nicole Michelle said...

So I definitely need a milk frother for this awesomeness! This looks so good!

Blushing Noir said...

That looks amazing!!

tara pittman said...

I love how easy it is to make. We just ran out so will tell my son how to make it.