Friday, December 19, 2014

Hand Built Pottery Crosses

These are gifts that I made for my grandparents and my husband's grandma. I made them to hang on the wall and used a stick on hook on the back and included a self-nailing wall hanger to put in the wall (it is kind of backwards since normally you would have the hanger on the picture and the hook on the wall, but I needed something to stick to the back of the pottery.)

On the left is when I first hand built the crosses. I used a variety of flower stamps to fill in the middle of the slab rolled clay. All the little stamps are a collection of 3 holly berries on a stamp. I also used the edge of a Pic comb to make the little lines on the horizontal bar. The center has a hand built heart.

I am pretty pleased with how the details turned out in the picture above. I have been having to experiment a bit with figuring out how to make the prints show up and I feel like I toyally lucked out with these because they turned out just how I was hoping.

I had actually made a third cross, but that one didn't dry flat and curled a bit. They can't all turn out just how you hoped.


Censie Sawyer said...

These turned out great. Thanks for sharing.

Christy Garrett said...

These are beautiful. I wish I could make something like this to hang on my wall. I love crosses.

Erinn Sluka said...

Those would be fun to attach to gifts! Goof job

Tricias-List PRPage said...

You always have some great projects to do . I think these are great !

Cousin Becky said...

Love these crosses. I need to be crafty!