Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#ad Review: Crabpot Christmas Trees

Guess what finally showed up on my doorstep, after telling you about them 7 weeks ago. I was supposed to have received it five or six weeks ago so I could review it and tell you about it so you could order it if you want it for this Christmas but now you just get to read about it and think about it for next year I guess.

The Crabpot Christmas Tree I received has white lights but they also have it in multicolor. The lights come in either regular Christmas lights or LED. This one is a 3 foot tree. It comes folded up in a triangle and you just easily unfold it in a circle and secure it with the green twist ties they have on it. It sets up in a matter of seconds.

The plug on it is very short so you have to have an extension cord to plug it into or some other kind of Christmas lights. It does come with Stakes so you can secure it into the ground if you like but since I receive this so late the ground is frozen and I will not be able to use those this year. I just put it on the porch and plugged it into a set of Christmas lights around the railing.

It looks nice and sets up very easy. I like that it stores flat because it will be easier to pack away when I take everything down in a week.

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