Friday, December 16, 2016

Gingerbread House Fun

Making a gingerbread house has been a tradition in our home since having kids. This year it was the easiest gingerbread house to make that we have ever made. It may be that the kids are another year older or perhaps it has to do with the kit I bought.

We have made kits other years and I often find that they do not include enough I see or the icing isn't as pliable as it needs to be. And often they show gingerbread houses decorated with more candy than what is provided.

I usually Reserve a good half gallon bag of Halloween candy that is brightly colored so that the kids have more candy options to decorate with and make it more colorful. In the past we have relied on this Halloween candy 2 make it look even somewhat close to what is on the picture of the kit. But this year I bought a kit at Aldi's for  about $6 and was surprised that it included plenty of icing to make the house and to frost the yard. It also had a nice platform to build the house on which we did.

We still used some Halloween candy but it actually had all of the candy in the amounts pictured on the box. We just chose to not use as much of that candy and use some of our other stuff, plus they also wanted to eat some of the Gummy Trees.

The icing was pliable enough and dried relatively quickly and held tight so we did not have any collapsing walls or roof on our gingerbread house which made it for a much pleasing experience. I will definitely look at buying this kit again next year.

I have tried making gingerbread our cells but it never seems to back up quite as easily as you get in the kids and that leads to a more frustrating experience. We have also tried using graham crackers to make them but they are not quite as 30 + armoire brittle so kids have been the way to go for us. At least for now.

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