Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Tideline Ocean Resort and Spa in West Palm Beach, FL

My husband and I went to the Tideline Ocean Resort and Spa for 5 days this fall for our anniversary. The tide line is a part of the Kimpton Hotels and restaurants. When we arrived we found out that we were upgraded to a corner balcony overlooking the ocean. It was quite a beautiful view. The resort is right on the ocean. It is a small boutique hotel so don't expect to see a big high-rise. You can see from the picture that it is a smaller Hotel.

It does have a pool and a balcony area over the bar area that is shaded in the pool area. We did spend one afternoon at the pool but the rest of the time we spent laying out on the beach. The first couple days we were there it was a Red Flag Day so we couldn't go into the ocean. But we did get in there the last few days. They do have a prime spot on the beach in Palm Beach. They do have Waiters that come out to the beach and take your drink orders or food orders out there as well which is a nice convenience. The restaurant is nice and we did go there for happy hour one night. And like most Kimptons they do have a complimentary happy hour but we found out on the first night that their happy hour is at 4 p.m. compared to 5 p.m. at every other Kimpton that we had gone to. But because we missed it do to our flight time and drive time to Palm Beach they gave us glasses of wine and when we got to our room we found that there was a bottle of wine waiting for us there too.

The only thing that was kind of weird was that it has a glass shower that looks right in two the room so you need to be very comfortable with the person you are with because they can watch you shower and bathe from the bed.

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