Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our DIY Advent Calendar

I made this Advent calendar years ago when my daughter was very little. I had wanted to have something that we could use from year to year and not need to buy those cardboard calendars that have waxy tasting chocolate. I had also come to realize that she would get way more candy trick-or-treating then she needed. So in addition to taking out candy to make our gingerbread house I would also take out another bag of candy with 25 pieces to put into our advent calendar. Now I do that with both kids and have 2 pieces in each date.

The kids actually really like that they have a variety of candy and it isn't chocolate all month long. I made this Buy sewing pieces of fleece onto fleece. And stitching Pockets. I wanted to cover up the stitching so I just glued ribbon over the top of the stitching. I glued the red States onto each pocket and use puffy paint to make the numbers. I have a double running through the top which is what keeps it sturdy and straight. I glued thick ribbon to that using hot glue.

We have been using this for at least a half-dozen years if not more and it is holding up just fine. Maybe next Halloween when you don't want your kids to have so much Halloween candy you would like to try this and put aside some for your Advent calendar and a gingerbread house.

Also - my kids have to tell me a different thing every day that they are thankful for in order to receive their daily candy. I like that and it certainly seems to make them have more gratitude.

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