Thursday, December 15, 2016

DIY Puffy Paint Christmas Table Runner

 This was a fun and easy project that the kids and I did at our cabin 2 decorate our kitchen table and have some seasonal decorations at our cabin.

Our inspiration came from having this exact size piece of blue dyed burlap left over from a different project I did. It seemed to be the right size for a table runner and because it is burlap it wasn't a sewing project at all just cut and decorate.

I have done puffy paint projects with the kids in the past but didn't have a whole lot of the colors we needed left over so I did have to go bye some more coffee paint. It is pretty inexpensive and you can pick it up at Walmart for about a dollar a tube.

The nice thing about using the puffy paint on burlap is that it doesn't soak through like it does on other Fabrics. With a little puffy paint and time we made a fun and easy table runner for about $5 and the kids can look at it and know that they helped create something

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