Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Yoga Challenges: #NaughtyorNiceYogi3 and #YogEmojiChallenge

Who wants to join along and do these two different Instagram Yoga challenges? They started today. I will probably try to find one that starts on the 15th and goes through Christmas or maybe goes to the end of the year as well. I like having to to do at one time.

So I have included my pictures for these first poses which are Lotus pose and head stand. The  top yoga challenge seems to have some different and interesting poses I have never done before. I like to do these Yoga challenges because they do give me some experience doing poses I had not tried before. And the second one I think it's just hilarious because it is emojis. I wonder if there is an app out there that I can turn myself into an emoji when I do the pose. Anyone know?

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