Monday, December 5, 2016

Review: 3DLIGHTFX Light

This 3DLIGHTFX night light is so cool. It is a 3 dimensional light that stick ot from the wall and looks like a real Darth Vader mask. I temporarily hung it so you could see what it looks like hanging on the wall. It lights up glowing red. It does have a switch to be on off or on a timer.

I have a picture of the wall sticker that you can put on but didn't put it up for this picture because I am giving this as a present with a bunch of other Star Wars items to my son. I would say that the mask is about the size of a costume masks so this is not a small item at all.

The sticker has a film on it so right now it has a white look to it but it won't have that when you put it on the wall. The sticker makes it look like he is breaking through the wall head first.

This is cool to the touch so it is perfect for a child's bedroom. It is also battery operated, so no cords are going to get in the way and you can hang it anywhere. You will need to purchase 3 AA to put in the back side of this. It also includes the crack sticker that goes on your wall. 

This is one of a large variety of kids licensed characters that are available in this light, as well as in a mini light.

Giving this to my son for Christmas. I took it out to put batteries in (require 3 AA) and see how the light works. It has On/Off/Timer as options. The eyes glow red and only slightly light the room. The crack sticker for the background looks really neat and will hopefully be easy to apply.

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