Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Where Did We GO WEDNESDAY? U of M CSE Winter Light Show

This year we had a chance to check out the light show put on at the University of Minnesota by the College of Science and Engineering. I had read about it before as something to do for the holidays that was free. It is a 15-minute light show set to music. There was 5 different songs that they programmed the light show too. The video I have included is just of all of the lights on after the show was completed.

We were already at the campus and had paid to park to see the Cirque Dreams Holidaze show. Otherwise comma it is a short show and not worth paying to park to go see but if you are already going to be on campus the weekend they do the show it is just something else fun for the holidays to do. It was a bit cold while we were watching and the snow was falling which made it feel like a nostalgic Christmas thing to do.

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