Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Deer Antlers Paint Craft Project using Gaffer Tape

I just made this Deer Antlers Wall Hanging yesterday and I didn't want to wait to share it with you. It looks even better in person and I know it just going to look awesome hanging above the mantel of the stone fireplace at our cabin up north.

I was looking for an idea on how to use GafferPower gaffer tape since I couldn't find anything right at this moment to try it out for it's original intended purpose to hold down wires and secure cables. I hope to use it when we seal up around the AC units at the cabin too since it can handle outdoor weather and range of temperatures. So, a new idea must be developed to be able to review this gaffer tape.

Below I have included a series of pictures to show you the steps I took to create this art piece.

I started out by drawing a rough sketch on a piece of paper. I determined my measurements by centering the piece and working out from there to determine each individual measurement. I made this on a 16x20 canvas, so you if you plan to use my work as inspiration you can click on the above picture to see what my measurements were and use it as some guidelines.

My next step was to use a ruler and draw out all the lines on the stretched canvas in pencil.

After drawing the image on the canvas, it's time to apply the GafferPower gaffer tape. The tape tears easily and so I could make 1" wide strips without having to make cuts this way.

Product Description from Gaffer Power:

Gaffer Tape is used by professionals working in the Arts and Entertainment Industry
Premium Grade Gaffer Tape:
-It's tough, powerful and secures cables tightly
-Holds down wires to podiums and stages
-Removes quickly and cleanly
-Leaves no gummy residue, uses high quality synthetic rubber
-Can be quickly torn into neat strips and used without other tools
-Non reflective, blends it perfectly with the background
-Does no harm to whatever the tape is applied to
-Excellent flexibility Great for around the house! Gaffer Tape has lots of other uses:
-Can also be used for bookbinding, repair tape, wrapping, bundling, protecting, protecting wires, sealing tape
-Can handle outdoor weather and a range of temperatures
-Gaffer Tape is a must for anyone who wants great quality tape

Here is the backside of the gaffer tape where the sticky part is. I used a ruler to cut the measurements I had written on the piece of paper.

Next up - I applied the gaffer tape on on the canvas. I was able to adjust the pieces and pull them up and they did not leave a sticky residue. Then in was time to apply the paint. It was easy enough to not paint the tape because it made a bit of a raised ridge on top of the canvas. Below is a picture of all the paint colors I used, with the black on the left for the center of the piece and the remaining paint colors were painted as the background.

I also used the gaffer tape to finish off the edges around the perimeter of the canvas. I tore the gaffer tape down the center likes I did on the deer antlers and then cut off the gaffer tape at 16" and 20".

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


MikiHope said...

Wow-what an interesting idea to use Gaffer tape to create a painting! I know I would never have thought of that. It will look absolutely perfect in that cabin up in the woods.

Czjai said...

What a novel idea! I wonder if we have Gaffer tape here in my area...

Unknown said...

This is lovely! I grew up doing TONS of arts and crafts since my mother is a graphic designer, but I don't recall any projects involving Gaffer tape. I'm going to have to pick some up on my next trip to the art supply store so I can do this! Thanks for sharing.

Uplifting Families said...

This is a cute idea. I love all of the cool duct tape designs on the market. I have seen some cool projects made from them. I am not that creative. ;)

Rebecca Swenor said...

This is very creative and would be fun to do with the kids. I like how you used the Gaffer tape. Thanks for sharing.

stephanickety said...

This is a cute idea! It also looks like a modern quilt design.

Unknown said...

This is a very cute and creative idea, I'd love to try this.

Mariana said...

I love seeing a project go from the drawing board to reality. That gaffer tape seems really useful!

Katrina Kroeplin said...

this is so cute! I would never have thought of doing this at all. I bet my oldest would love to try this out.

Lexie Lane said...

Oh wow! You made a really nice art look so easy!