Tuesday, October 30, 2012

5 Last Minute Easy Halloween Projects for Little Ones

Torn Paper Candy Corn
I did this with my daughter as a craft activity when she was about my son's age. Simply draw a candy corn on a piece of white paper. Then tear yellow & orange construction paper (or tissue paper) up and have them paste in the correct section. You could also have them paste in white if you wanted but it's not necessary, I think they get the benefits of this activity without having to do each section.

Marshmallow Mummy
This idea came from a pin I saw. I simply drew the picture and let my son spread glue on the mummy and fill in with mini marshmallows. Although, I do believe he ate as many (if not more) marshmallows as he put on. Although, true to form my son renamed this project to what he thought it was "A Marshmallow Egg Mummy".

Dot Art Worksheets
I love Dot Marker Art and the best source of free Dot Art Worksheets is DLTK-kids.com. There is a variety of worksheets to choose from for every season, holiday as well as animals and other things. These are great for toddlers & preschoolers. I had my son do this bat one and also a Pumpkin one.

Spider Snack
This is super simple and can even be put in your child's lunch bag (I did and she thought it was great and was the envy of her table that she had a craft to make & eat.) All you need is 1 large marshmallow, 1 chocolate chips and 8 stick pretzels. I think my son did a pretty good job putting them in the right spots.

Pumpkin Snack
This is so simple and my daughter thought it was pretty cool when she saw this in her lunch bag. All her friends at the table that day wanted to see what it was. All you do is draw on a jack-o-lantern face on an individual container of mandarin oranges, peaches or jello.

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