Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Try It Tuesday - Clothespin Cow Craft

With a little bit of preparation, you too can help our child make a cow-dog, errrrr....clothespin cow craft. Being the honest little critics they are, my children  thought the head I cut out for them looked more like a dog head. Oh well, they can't all be winners. I still think it is a cute project and maybe you are better at making a cow head than I am. :)
Supplies needed: paper plate (or some other still white paper), 2 clothespins, white & black paint, googly eyes, some stickers (or paint on your own nose & mouth), and felt or construction paper if you want to add clothes.
I cut out my pieces from a paper plate because I wanted to start with a stiff white piece of paper so that they didn't have to paint the body.
I told my kids to make fingerprints for the dots, but my son wanted to finger paint as well and not just make prints. When dried, glue the head on to the body.

Have your child (or you can do it) paint the clothespins white. These are the legs. Then make black finger prints on them.

Glue on eyes, mouth, nose & any accessories you want your cow to wear. Clip dried clothes pins to the bottom of the body.

These will stand up on their own.

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Julie said...

Cute project - one more to add to my ideas of projects!