Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Use your Bread Bag as a Sandwich Bag

Have you gotten to the end of your loaf of bread and have a bag leftover? I like to re-use it to store sandwiches that we are taking with us. In this particular picture I have 3 sandwiches stacked up in here, which saves me 3 disposable sandwich bags that would be thrown away of from having to wash out 3 re-usable sandwich bags (learn to make you own here!)

I know friends who save them to take along when the take their dog on a walk to collect any doggie doo-doo it happens to leave. I know they also like to re-use those thing little bags that the weekend paper comes in as well to pick up dog poop.

How do you reuse your bread bag?


Kelly said...

We do this too. Works great for picnics or day trips.

JustMe said...

Great idea, never thought about it before. Thanks for sharing