Monday, October 1, 2012

GIVEAWAY and Review: Yamuna Body Rolling

I have had the unique opportunity to review Yamuna Foot Fitness. I was blessed/plagued (depends if you are glass half full or empty type of person) with flat feet and my feet can get very tired and sore from all the exercise I do. I exercise quite a bit. I do a bootcamp class 1x a week, Zumba 2x a week, yoga 1x a week, Kick It Up Class 1x a week, Weightlifting/Strength class 1x a week, run 1-2x a week for 3-6 miles and have recently started adding in boxing a couple times a month, plus then there is all the physical play & hikes I do with my kids. It's no wonder my feet are sore & tired.

The Yamuna Foot Fitness kit I was allowed to review was featured in the January issue of Oprah.

My feet have felt fantastic after regularly using the foot fitness kit. The DVD explains easily how to use it and the hows & whys of using it. I learned so much about why we need to take care of our feet and how it benefits the rest of our bodies. Just think about it, we use them all the time and it's hard to get away without using them especially when you are actively exercising.  This would also make a great gift for someone you love that has foot problems or wear high heels often.  :)

Yamuna® Foot Fitness helps prevent or alleviate common foot proplems such as:
Plantar Fasciitis
Morton Neuroma
Flat Feet
Hammer Toes
Fallen Arches

The Yamuna Studio is in the West Village of New York City and include classes in Yamuna Body Rolling, Yamuna Foot Fitness, Yamuna Focus Class, Yamuna Yoga, Yamuna Based Pilates, and Yamuna Master Class.


Please make sure that you noticed this is a giveaway for a FREE PASS to CLASS to Yamuna Body Rolling. This is a $20 value for a class in YBR®, Yamuna® Yoga, Yamuna® Pilates.

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Norleans: The Yoga class.

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