Friday, October 19, 2012

Fairy Fun

We are big time fairy fans in our house. My daughter loves all the fairy books in the multiple series by Daisy Meadows and the love is always heightened after we visit the Renaissance Festival.

If you remember some of our previous fairy posts, we have done a multitude of fairy type crafts:
And Don't Forget....

My Lil Fairy in front of the fairy house she liked best  in the competition.
My daughter being sprinkled with dream fairy dust to give her  good dreams.
My daughter on her first day of first grade in front of the fairy house we built the day before.
A new fairy I made for her fairy house. She didn't have a pink one & now has requested a gold one. Fairies in the book series she likes to read, all comes in multiples of 7. So I might have to make a line of Sparkle Fairies.

This is one I did by needled felting. Do you want to learn to needle felt, then check out my recent post on Northern Cheapskate titled "Learn to Needle Felt Some Easy Crafts"


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Raina said...

Thanks for all the links for the fairy crafts. My daughter loves fairies, and I cannot wait to make these crafts with her!