Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Ideas for Clean Eating Dinner

Today is my final installment of my 7 Ideas for Clean Eating series, please be sure to check out all of them:

All of the following photographs are taken by me and are of meals I made in my home.

Idea #1: Veggie Pizza with a Homemade Crust - Use this pizza dough recipe and load it up with veggies and sprinkle with a small amount of hard Italian cheeses (big on flavor so you don't need a lot!)

Idea #2: Quinoa Red Lentil Soup - This is very filling. This was the very first thing I have ever made with quinoa. Quinoa is a both a protein source and a complex carbohydrate.

Idea #3: Beef Stroganoff - This is my recipe and it is delicious. As long as you buy lean cuts of meat, you can have beef as part of a clean eating diet. Pair with some steamed veggies and you will be feelings full!

Idea #4: Beef Stew - I more or less used this recipe. I don't care for water chestnuts, so those were not added and instead of just peas I used mixed vegetables.

Idea #5: Pinto de Gallo - This became a family favorite recipe after we honeymooned in Costa Rica. This is a staple entree in Costa Rica. It is so simple, yet so delicious!

Idea #6: Mushroom And Rosemary Pork Scallopini - I wasn't sure if my kids would enjoy the heavy rosemary flavor in this dish, but they both enjoyed it and my daughter even asked for seconds.

Idea #7: Crockpot Chicken, Barley Vegetable Soup for a Crowd - You can easily decrease the amounts used in this soup to fit the size of crockpot you have. I often like to make extras so I can put a meal in the freezer and have some leftovers for lunch the next day.


Stella B's Kitchen said...

Hi!! Fun to see you at my blog, thanks for stopping by! I just went through ALL of your categories posted...and now I'm super hungry:) So many great ideas!

Dianna said...

Well, now I'm hungry-- but I love the pix's and to see whats cooking and if there is anything that I could make quickly-- like an hour ago--lol-- thanks for sharing