Friday, November 23, 2012

Create a Natural Twig Art Piece

 So, last week I told you about our Pottery Barn Inspired Headboard created from a door, this is my art piece that is hanging above that.

All of these twigs are branches that fell from our maple trees in the backyard. I collected a variety of sizes, making sure that at least I had similar sizes for the edges and a variety of other sizes for the center.

I laid the sticks out on the kitchen table and came up with a design I liked and then started gluing. I think I went though almost 3 hot glue sticks. And that's it.

Come back again next week to see my other art installation and the week after for the final presentation of our bedroom re-do. I think I may even do a little video of the bedroom so you can get a 360 picture.

I have been liking doing 4-part series on Friday and filling in between with some Fix-It Fridays. Do you like the series segments? 

I suppose I could call it a Friday Four-Part. LOL. There I go again with my desire for a theme name. My other Friday Four-Part series is 7 Ideas for Clean Eating (Breakfast , Lunch, Snack & Dinner).

4-Part Series on a Bedroom Re-Decorate

*Pottery Barn Inspired Headboard
*Natural Twig Art
*Family Handprint Art
*Video of the the Whole Reveal
**BONUS -- Review of Wrapped Canvas Picture Added to the Room

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